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Alden Scholar Series

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Next Lecture: Tuesday, February 21, 2023

For the spring Alden Scholar Series lecture, Dr. Matthew Unangst of the History department will use excerpts from his new book to illustrate the ways in which Europeans combined ideas about race and geography to establish and justify colonialism in Africa.

The book, Colonial Geography: Race and Space in German East Africa, 1884-1905, charts changes in conceptions of the relationship between people and landscapes in mainland Tanzania during the German colonial period. In German minds, colonial development would depend on the relationship between East Africans and the landscape. The book argues that the most important element in German imperialism was not its violence but its attempts to apply racial thinking to the mastery and control of space. Utilizing approaches drawn from critical geography, Colonial Geography posits that the development of a representational space of empire had serious consequences for German colonialism and the population of East Africa. In this lecture, Dr. Unangst will demonstrate show how spatial thinking shaped ideas about race and colonialism in the period of New Imperialism for all European empires, not just Germany.


ABOUT THE EVENT: This hybrid event will be offered both virtually on Teams (see link in Campus Connect/CORQ) and in person in the Milne Library's Alden Room. A Q&A will follow the lecture. Refreshments will be served and the lecture is open to the entire college community and the public. Students attending the lecture either in person or online can earn LEAD credit.