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Alden Scholar Series

Dr. Alison Black & Ms. Jane Miller (April 2014)


Writing is Like Real Talk!

Dr. Alison Black & Ms. Jane Miller (April 2014)

This book addresses the lack of materials for helping preservice teachers grasp the importance of a) children's writing, b) the language a teacher uses in responding to children's writing, and 3) modeling one-on-one coaching conversations with specific prompts identified.  The first chapter, “An Overview of Children's Writing Development” describes the history of writing instruction and the specific phases that children experience to become writers.  The remainder of the book provides an illustrative look at improving students’ writing through a sound combination of research-based authentic writing samples and positive coaching conversations.  This user-friendly text would provide teachers, parents, and caregivers a model for supporting children in their writing.   

Abstract written by authors for submission to the Alden Scholar Series Organizing Committee.

Black, A. & Miller, J. D. (2014). Writing is like real talk! Coaching Conversations for preschool to grade six writing. Boston: Allyn & Bacon.