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Milne Library Spring 2024 Guide

These research databases can be used for  alternative/ affordable course content — free or low-cost alternatives to high-cost educational resources. This includes course modules, textbooks, videos, tests, journal articles, assessment tools, and any other materials used to support learning.

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Begin discovering eBooks using eBooks Search Everything.  eBook collections can be browsed through various subscription databases, linked below.

Faculty must fill out a Reserve Request Form for each item you wish to have placed on reserve. Forms are available at the Circulation/Reserve Desk. All forms should be completed as fully and accurately as possible to ensure that reserve materials will be easily accessible to your students.

Reserve materials are listed in the Course Reserve Catalog

They are searchable by Title, Instructor's Last Name and Course Number. Please note that all reserve materials will be entered into the online catalog by TITLE. Therefore, it is essential for reserves to be listed by title in your syllabus. It is very important that both the Instructor's Last Name and the full Course Number (i.e. PSYC100, BIOL228) be listed on the form because they each provide a point of access to reserve materials in the online catalog. Reserve materials are not always accessible by author. Reserve materials may be listed under more than one instructor and/or under more than one course number. All pertinent information should be indicated on the Reserve Request Form.

  • Library Materials: All Milne Library materials may be placed on reserve EXCEPT materials from the Reference, Periodicals (photocopies of articles may be placed on reserve) or SCC collections. Materials owned by other libraries cannot be placed on reserve. You should locate and bring the library materials to the Circulation/Reserve Desk to expedite processing. If an item is not on the shelf, we will either recall it or initiate a search for it immediately. The item will be processed as soon as it is located. Library materials will be returned to the stacks at the end of each semester unless an instructor requests that the item be placed on long-term reserve.
  • Personal Copies of Books or Journals: Faculty may place a personal copy of a book , textbook or periodical on reserve, however, the library cannot guarantee the safety of these items (either by loss or mutilation). We recommend that personal copy materials be placed in the "restricted" category which allows only a 2 hour use within the library.
  • Course Syllabus, Lecture Notes, Exams: Faculty may place a copy of their course syllabus, lecture notes or exams on reserve.

Use library-licensed resources

The Milne Library purchase and subscribe to electronic resources including online journals, eBooks, and research databases. These resources are governed by license agreements, most of which allow the licensed material to be used for educational purposes by "authorized users." Authorized users are typically defined as Oneonta students, faculty, staff, and and walk-in users of the library. 

Most license agreements allow authorized users to:

  • Download, print, and save single copies of items for their personal use
  • Incorporate links to items in electronic coursepacks, reserves and course management systems, and instructor websites
  • Provide single print or electronic copies of individual items to other authorized users for noncommercial educational purposes (including to each student in a class at Oneonta).
  • Provide single print or electronic copies of individual items to third-party colleagues for scholarly, educational, or research use

Using library-licensed resources for online courses avoids the need to perform fair use analysis or to seek permission from rightholders.

When using library-licensed resources, be sure to:

  • Use the link to the resource provided in Milne Library Search, located below. This will ensure that students who are off-campus can access the material.
  • Use the materials for courses offered through SUNY Oneonta only.