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Streaming Video at Milne Library

How to find and use streaming video resources for classes and other educational purposes.

Academic Video Online home screen

Academic Video Online delivers more than 70,000 titles spanning subject areas including anthropology, business, counseling, film, health, history, music, and more. The collection is curated for the educational experience, with a wide variety of content types such as documentaries, feature films, demonstrations, interviews, performances, and newsreels. Academic Video Online was previously known as VAST, and is owned by Alexander Street. 

How to Access Academic Video Online

Access SUNY Oneonta's Academic Video Online (AVON) subscription through the Milne Library website in the A-Z Database. Depending on where you access the service (on or off campus) you may have to log in with your SUNY Oneonta credentials.  

Create an AccountAVON profile sign up icon

If you want to create and save clips from AVON videos, you must create an account first. Click on the profile image at the top right of the AVON home screen (see icon image at right). Follow the instructions to register your personal account. 

Find content

To find content in Academic Video Online (AVON), we recommend two methods: Filter (for browsing) and Search. 

Browse with "Filters"

From the AVON homepage, click on the Filter icon (see image below), which displays multiple ways to browse by Subject, Content Type, and more. Remove filters by clicking on the "X" next to the filter layers you previously chose. 

AVON filter icon for browsing


Use Search Terms 

Looking for something specific? From the AVON homepage, use the Search box at the top right to search exact terms. Within your search results, you can further filter by Subject or Content Type. 

Link and embed AVON videos in Blackboard

AVON share

Instructors can share or embed AVON videos directly into Blackboard to share with a class. Embedding is recommended because it displays the video player directly in the Blackboard course content. One Oneonta instructor told us, "students are more apt to watch a little of the video if it is directly in front of them [and] students that struggle with technology... really appreciate it when I embed videos."

TIP: To make sure your off-campus students can access links and embedded videos, we recommend creating the links while off campus so they include the appropriate EZ Proxy language. 

Share an AVON Film Link

In your internet browser, navigate to the AVON video you want. At the top of the page, click on the SHARE option. A dialog box will appear with options "to embed your video..." Click on the "Copy Permalink" button (see image below). 

Now navigate to your Blackboard course, click on "Build Content" and choose "Web Link." Create a name for the link, paste the permalink into the URL box, and submit.  


AVON copy permalink and embed link


Embed an AVON Film in a Blackboard course  

In your internet browser, navigate to the AVON video you want. At the top of the page, click on the SHARE option. A dialog box will appear with options "to embed your video..." Click on the "Copy Embed Code" button (see image above). 

Now navigate to your Blackboard course, click on "Build Content," and then "Add Item." Name the Item and click on the Source Code option in the Tools (see image below). 

Blackboard New Item Source Code option

In the Blackboard Source Code screen, paste the embed code you copied from AVON. Save your new item in Blackboard. The embedded video will be visible and play directly in the Blackboard course content list.