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Streaming Video at Milne Library

How to find and use streaming video resources for classes and other educational purposes.

Featured Free Video Sites


Library of Congress
National Screening Room
Educational Documentaries
LOC National Screening room image Netflix free documentaries Youtube

Tips to use the Library of Congress's National Screening Room:

  • Search within the video collection from the top right Search bar
  • Browse and filter from the Collection Items tab
  • Link and Embed from the Share button on each film page

Tips to use the Netflix Educational Documentaries page:

Tips to use YouTube for classes:

  • This material is not all openly licensed, but it is shareable if you link back to the owner's YouTube page
  • Use or create a Google profile to save playlists to show classes later
  • Embed videos or playlists with the Share button

Lists of free video sites

More Free Video Resources

Check out these regularly updated lists of free and open videos from: