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Streaming Video at Milne Library

How to find and use streaming video resources for classes and other educational purposes.

Kanopy logo and documentary posters

Kanopy is a streaming film service that offers diverse and high quality documentaries, features, and more. Immediate access is available for over 1,000 documentaries and films, and requests for additional films for course or research purposes can be placed through the platform.

How to access Kanopy

Zotero connector fixAccess SUNY Oneonta's Kanopy account by signing in with your college credentials at or by navigating to the Milne Library's A-Z Database list and choosing Kanopy.

TIP: Having trouble? We noticed that if you are using the Zotero Connector plugin in Chrome, our Kanopy link will not work. Try right-clicking on the Zotero Connector icon at the top of Chrome, then hover over "This can read and change site data" and choose "When you click the extension." See image at right. 

Register your profile

Kanopy register new account buttonWith a free profile in Kanopy, you can create a Watchlist or create and save clips and playlists from films within our SUNY Oneonta Kanopy membership.  

To create your profile, click on the SIGN UP option at the top right of any Kanopy screen. Follow the instructions to create a free personal account. 

Create a watchlist or clips

Add films to a Watchlist

To add films to a Watchlist, click the "+My List" button that appears both by hovering over film images on the Kanopy homepage, or by visiting film pages. Your Watchlist can be accessed in the dropdown list under your name on the top right of Kanopy pages when you are logged in to your Kanopy profile. 

Create Clips and Playlists

To create clips and playlists, choose the "Create Clip" button below the film image and description on each video homepage. A dialog box will appear with options to Create New Playlist or edit existing clips and playlists (see image below). For detailed instructions, visit Kanopy's Help page about Creating Clips and Playlists

Kanopy create edit playlist

Link and embed Kanopy videos in Blackboard

Instructors can share or embed Kanopy film links directly into Blackboard to share with a class. Make sure to check that the film is available on-demand (or request it well in advance through the request page that appears when you search for the film in Kanopy).

TIP: To make sure your off-campus students can access links and embedded videos, we recommend creating the links while off campus so they include the appropriate EZ Proxy language.

Share a Film Link in Blackboard

Navigate within Kanopy to the webpage of the video you want to share with a class in Blackboard. Copy the webpage link from the browser. 

In your Blackboard course, click on "Build Content" and choose "Web Link". Create a name for the link and paste the Kanopy webpage into the URL box.  

Embed a Film in Blackboard  

Access Kanopy at using your college credentials. Navigate to the home screen of the film you want to share with a class in Blackboard. Click on the "Share" option below the film's description.

In the Share/Embed box that appears, click on the Embed tab. Copy the embed code (see the image below). 

Kanopy embed code location


In a Blackboard course, click on "Build Content" and "Add Item". Name the Item and click on the Source Code option in the Tools (see image below). 

Blackboard New Item Source Code option

In the Blackboard Source Code screen, paste the "Embed" code you copied from Kanopy. Save your new item in Blackboard. The embedded video will be visible and play directly in the Blackboard course content list.