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Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Introduction and Overview of the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service.

Frequently asked questions

How long does ILL take?

  • An ILL request could take less than a day to fill, or it could take several weeks.  The amount of time varies depending on the accuracy of the citation provided on the original request, the type and availability of the material requested, and the location and shipping method of the lending library.  By allowing at least one week (and preferably two weeks), patrons increase their chances of receiving requested materials.

Is there a limit to the number of ILL requests that I can have at one time?

  • An individual can have twenty active requests at one time. As these are completed (articles received or books returned), new requests can be submitted.

Can I request an item through ILL to be put on reserve?

  • No, the library does not request materials in order to put them on reserve.

What about textbooks?

  • The library does not request required books for classes.

Can I request an item that is checked out?

  • You may request an item that is checked out or otherwise unavailable.  Please put that it is unavailable in the NOTES field of your request.

How much does ILL cost?

  • There is no charge to the patron unless the costs exceed established dollar amounts.  The patron will be contacted and asked to authorize a charge before the order is placed.

How will I be notified when an item arrives?

  • The ILLiad system communicates via SUNY Oneonta email.  Patrons receive an email message when a requested item arrives.  

Where can books and articles be picked up?

  • Books can be picked up at the Circulation Desk whenever the library is open.  Articles are delivered electronically to a patrons’s ILLiad account.

How do I view and retrieve an electronically delivered item?

  • Log into ILLiad and look at the menu on the left-side frame.  Click on ‘Electronically Received Articles.’  A table that shows the transaction number and title of the article will appear.  Click on the link that shows ‘View’ next to the PDF symbol.  You need to have a PDF viewer on your computer to open the file.

How long will an electronically delivered item remain on my ILLiad account?

  • Patrons have 30 days to retrieve an electronically delivered item before it is automatically removed from their ILLiad account.

What about damaged or lost ILL items?

  • Patrons are financially responsible for any damage to or loss of interlibrary loan items.  Any damage or loss should be reported immediately to the ILL Office or the Circulation Desk; patrons should not attempt to repair items themselves.

I want to renew my books but I don't see them listed in my ILLiad account. Where are my books listed?

  • If a book that you have borrowed from another library is not listed in your ILLiad account, check your library catalog account.  Books borrowed through resource sharing services (borrowed from another SUNY library) will appear in your library account instead of your ILLiad account.  To view books borrowed through resource sharing, click on My Account on the library’s web page and login using Oneonta Login. Books borrowed from other SUNY libraries will be listed under the Loans column in your account.

May I request to borrow multiple copies of the same book?

  • An individual may request one copy of a book title at a time. 

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