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Sustainability in the Library: Home

Welcome banner that reads Sustainability in James M. Milne Library


James M. Milne Library supports the college's fundamental value of sustainability. The library works to partner with campus offices to create engaging programs centered on sustainability. Promotion of library sustainability measures is also an on-going priority. 


The James M. Milne Library Sustainability Team has highlighted a few goals to accomplish: 

  1. Offer programs centered on a theme of sustainability. 
  2. Promote the sustainability features of the library. 
  3. Enhance and create new sustainability features for the library. 


Winner of the South Central Regional Library Council's Library Sustainability Award in 2020. This award "celebrates a member’s commitment to sustainability through activities that are equitable and inclusive, environmentally sound, and economically feasible." More information about this award can be found at the link below! 

Sustainability Team

To further advance sustainability in the library, a Sustainability Team was formed. This team works to support the mission and goals outlined in the Mission and Goals sections. It works in partnership with campus stakeholders. 

Current Membership: 

  1. Melanie Castine
  2. Sarah Rhodes, Chair
  3. Tammy Southard
  4. Heather Stalter