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Sustainability in the Library

"Greening" Up the Lounge

The library Sustainability Team is working on a multi-year initiative to "green" up the lounge. What this means is that the team is identifying ways that sustainability can be incorporated into everyday use of the library's staff lounge. The team has started to bring in plates, silverware, and other kitchen utensils that the staff can use and share. This effort cuts back on the disposable waste that is being produced with plastic silverware and plates. 

picture of dishes on a shelf

Plant Party

The library is home to multiple varieties of plants. The Sustainability Team, with help from the library's student workers, is working on learning more about our species of plants as well as making sure we properly maintain them (sun, water, soil, etc.). We have recently taken to sharing some of the information about our plants out on our social media platforms. Each plant was given a unique name by our student workers. See the links below to see the individual posts.