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Scholarly Communications & Open Access

About the SUNY Open Access Repository (SOAR)

SUNY’s commitment to open access is meant to increase access to SUNY scholarship in ways that fully respect and protect ownership rights. The SUNY Open Access Repository (SOAR) is an online institutional repository that stores, indexes, and makes available scholarly and creative works of SUNY faculty, students, and staff. SOAR is designed to provide an option for SUNY authors who have not openly shared their publication elsewhere, such as in an open access journal or in another open repository.  

SOAR at SUNY Oneonta

The James M. Milne Library manages the SUNY Oneonta collections in SOAR according to the SUNY Oneonta Open Access Policy, publishers' rules, and our campus's commitment to making our scholarship more accessible. The repository supports our campus Open Access Policy.

We currently collect:

  • published scholarly articles and book reviews,
  • SUNY-hosted journals,
  • scholarly and creative presentations,
  • graduate theses and culminating projects,
  • and more. 

Scroll down this page to see submission FAQs.

How to submit

How to Submit

When you submit to SOAR, the library will check versioning, copyright, and embargo rules from your publisher(s). Please use one of the following forms to submit to or opt out of SUNY Oneonta's SOAR collections. These forms are for SUNY Oneonta authors only.


Submit a published or presented work


Opt an article out of SOAR


Types of SOAR submissions

Required Submissions

The SUNY Oneonta Open Access Policy applies to journal articles published by SUNY Oneonta authors (or co-authors) behind a paywall after March 16, 2020. Each such article should be submitted to SOAR, or opted out (see form links below). Most articles submitted to SOAR are the author-accepted manuscript version based on publishers' self-archiving rules.

Some Masters students are required to submit the full text of their thesis to an open repository, based on their funders' rules. Graduate students with external funding should discuss this requirement with their thesis advisor.


Voluntary Submissions

SUNY Oneonta authors may voluntarily submit scholarly and creative works and presentations that fall outside the purview of "required submissions" above, including openly published articles or other types of works. To submit individual items, use the "Submit to SOAR" link above.

  • Authors may deposit multiple items at once by sending an email to with a list of publications from your curriculum vitae (CV) or links to a website documenting your scholarship. Indicate which works you would like to include in SOAR. The library will follow up with you to collect the appropriate versions and permissions needed to finalize your repository items. 
  • Graduate students submitting a thesis or culminating graduate project should visit the Graduate Student SOAR pages.
  • Participants in academic campus events such as the annual Life of the Mind or Student Research and Creative Activity Day may also choose to include their posters/presentations in SOAR. Participants in eligible programs will be contacted through LOTM or SRCA application processes.