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COMP 1000: Composition (Doughty) Alden Room Spring 2023

Visiting the Alden Room

Many materials in the Archives and Special Collections are rare, fragile, or irreplaceable.  To ensure their protection and good condition for future generations, all visitors to the Alden Room are asked to follow these guidelines.

Visiting the Alden Room

  • The Alden Room is open to everyone during open hours (Mondays when classes are in session, from 1:00 - 5:00 pm) and by appointment
  • Visitors can sign the guest book
  • Food, drink, and gum must be left outside of the room
  • Items in the Alden Room do not circulate and must remain in the room
  • Yearbooks are available for browsing

Requesting Materials

  • If you are interested in looking at specific items or have a topic in mind, please contact Heather Stalter or Sophia Dunne in advance

Use of the Materials and Care in Handling

  • All items must be handled carefully
  • Before touching items, hands must be clean and dry, and free of lotion and hand sanitizer
  • If pulling a book off the shelf, never pull it out by the top of the spine; instead pull it by grasping the front and back covers
  • Notes can be taken in pencil or on a device, making sure not to lean on or mark materials
  • Pens, highlighters, and markers are not permitted
  • Documents must remain flat on a table
  • Use care when turning pages
  • Keep all other objects away from items, and make sure not to place books, pencils, or other objects in or on the items
  • Remove only one folder at a time from a box
  • Documents within a folder must be kept in the exact same order and facing the same direction as they were originally
  • For additional guidelines, see Handling Rare Books from U Texas, San Antonio Libraries 
  • If you're unsure, ask a librarian or student assistant for help!


  • Reproductions for personal or research purposes are available upon request
  • Visitors may use cell phones or personal cameras (no flash) to photograph materials