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Comp 1000: Composition (Doughty)


Welcome to the Course Guide for COMP 1000. Below you will find a selection of information and resources that will be helpful when completing assignments for this course. 

A helpful hint to remember is that research is exploratory process. Good research means that you will be searching different resources (databases, online, catalog, etc.) and you will search each one multiple times with different keyword combinations. 

We will be conducting research for the assignment using the library's general resources and special collections. The page labeled "The Alden Room" in the left hand navigation pane will take you to a special guide dedicated to the research you will specifically be conducting in The Alden Room, the home to our library's special collections and archives. 

Understanding the Lingo

Conducting research can be difficult when you are unfamiliar with the terms being used to describe certain types of items. If your instructor asks you to use a periodical, would you know what they meant? If you had to locate the call number in an item’s record, could you? It is important to familiarize yourself with what particular library words mean. 

Refer back to some of the handouts received in class. The Definitions handout and Types of Periodicals chart will be particularly useful to keep.