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COMP 1000: Composition (Doughty) Alden Room Spring 2023


Our campus has changed immensely over the years.  We started in 1889 in one grand, majestic building, which housed classrooms, offices, the library, cafeteria, gym, and literary society rooms.  After it was destroyed by a fire, a new and even more majestic building took its place.  Many years later, in the 1950s, as the student body grew, land was purchased and the modern campus we know today started to grow.  What histories do the buildings have?  What about other places that are part of the campus, like the pond and College Camp?

Click below to get a snapshot of possible topics in this area:


  • Hunt Union Pond
  • Rathskellar
  • Old Main
  • Residence Halls
  • Physical Education building, Fieldhouse