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HISA 4344: Civil War and Reconstruction (Goodier) Spring 2023 4344-01

Librarian: Mary Lynn Bensen

Finding Primary Sources

When searching print and online access tools, use search terms such as SOURCES, CORRESPONDENCE, PERSONAL NARRATIVES, DIARIES, SERMONS, SPEECHES, LAW, AND LEGISLATION.

Look for primary sources referenced in secondary and tertiary sources.  Use textbooks, class, and library bibliographies for recommended titles of primary sources.

Accessible Archives

             Provides archived historical primary source

             material in American history.

Under Databases on library website

American Slavery:  A Composite Autobiography

             Includes volumes covering slavery in 26

             states under title The American Slave.

Under Databases on library website

Annals of America (vols. 8,9,10)

             Topical index (2 vols.)                                              

              Volumes include full text of primary sources in American history from


Ref E 173 A7931

Civil War Eyewitnesses:  An Annotated

   Bibliography of Books and Articles                          


Ref E 601 C65 2000 SB

Civil War Sourcebook

   Includes excerpts of primary sources

Ref E 468 E24 1992 SB

Defining Documents in American History: 

   Civil War (1860-1865)

Ref E 464 C58 2014
Everyday Life & Women In America, 1800-1920 Under Databases on library website

Milestone Documents in African-American

   History v.2 1853-1900

Ref E 184.6 M55 2010
Military Bibliography of the Civil War Ref Z 1242 D6 1961a SB
Slave Culture Ref E 49 R33 2017