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MDIA 1007-02: Media Inquiry (Feliciano Ortiz) Fall 2022

Scholarly, Trade, and Popular

Periodicals generally fall within three categories: scholarly, trade, and popular.  While there are some similarities, there are also very distinct differences.  The chart and links below provide excellent overviews. 


Scholarly vs Trade vs Popular - chart

Evaluating Resources: Scholarly, Trade, and Popular - video

Popular, Scholarly, or Trade? - video 

Exploring and Evaluating Trade, Popular, and Scholarly Sources - guide

Research Foundations: Popular, Scholarly, and Trade - guide; includes benefits and drawbacks of each type  


You can also verify the type of periodical by checking Ulrichsweb.  After typing the title of the periodical, look at content type to see if it is Academic/Scholarly, Trade, or Consumer (popular).

Scholarly, Trade, and Popular Chrat

Chart showing the differences between scholarly, trade, and popular periodicals