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Game Studies

Resources for researching the interdisciplinary field of game studies at SUNY Oneonta.



Image: Bookshelf by Steward Butterfield, CC-BY


The Milne Library at SUNY Oneonta has a wide variety of resources for studying games. Listed below are just a sample of the databases, journals, books, e-books, and other resources available through the library. Because game studies is an interdisciplinary field it is often helpful to narrow your search to (video) games and another topic or field. For example using the boolean search operator AND you can search for video games AND history which which will return a more specific set of results about the history of video games. 

Example searches to try are:

video games AND psychology

games AND history

games NOT video (if you are interested in games, but not video games)

games AND board

games AND culture

More generic search terms to try are:

video games

videogames (all one word)


board games

card games

tabletop games


online games

The following databases are great starting points for researching game studies.



A display of many of these titles created by Christie Dourlaris (Milne Library) will be available on the book shelf outside room 102A during the month of October 2021.

E-Books & Other Resources