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Honoring Library Scholars

by Sarah Rhodes on 2020-11-10T10:19:00-05:00 | Comments

The Community of Scholars (COS) honors faculty research and other scholarly/creative work, recognizing publications (books, book chapters, peer-reviewed journal articles and creative/other published works), professional contributions to the arts, and external grant awards. This fall’s COS showcase will honor faculty accomplishments for the period of July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020 and include the full listing of honorees and a presentation by the Scholar of the Year.

Three librarians will be honored at this year’s event: Darren Chase, Michelle Hendley, and Sarah Rhodes. The library is excited to extend an extra congratulations to Michelle Hendley who is also an Honorable Mention Scholar of the Year!

Portrait of Michelle Hendley

Michelle Hendley, is receiving the Honorable Mention Scholar of the Year for her publication “Discovering Data Discrepancies during Deselection: A Study of GreenGlass, Aleph, and Due Date Slips Circulation Data” in the journal Technical Services Quality. This work is important research in the field of librarianship as it helps create an informed discussion on collection development policies in libraries. See the citation and abstract for more information about her publication!

Citation: Hendley, M. (2019). Discovering Data Discrepancies during Deselection: A Study of GreenGlass, Aleph, and Due Date Slips Circulation Data. Technical Services Quarterly, 36(3), 233–248.

Abstract: Amid a weeding project, librarians at a state college suspected GreenGlass's circulation data was inaccurate. This study compared GreenGlass's and Aleph's circulation statistics for a random sample of books. It also determined if GreenGlass's list of books with zero uses included curriculum related works using keyword searching. The study compared GreenGlass's and due date slips' circulation data for curriculum related titles. Some GreenGlass circulation data was erroneous. Additionally, curriculum related books that circulated were on GreenGlass's zero use list. The study's results helped retain pertinent titles and highlighted the inadequacy of relying exclusively on circulation data to weed monographs.

Portrait of Darren Chase

Library Director Darren Chase is being honored for his co-edited publication “Open Praxis, Open Access: Digital Scholarship in Action”.

Citation: Chase, D., & Haugh, D. (2020). Open Praxis, Open Access: Digital Scholarship in Action.” ALA Edition.

Abstract: Many in the world of scholarship share the conviction that open access will be the engine of transformation leading to more culture, more research, more discovery, and more solutions to small and big problems. This collection brings together librarians, scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and thinkers to take measure of the open access movement. The editors meld critical essays, research, and case studies to offer an authoritative exploration of

  • the concept of openness in scholarship, with an overview of how it is evolving in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia;
  • open access publishing, including funding models and the future of library science journals;
  • the state of institutional repositories;
  • Open Educational Resources (OER) at universities and a consortium, in subject areas ranging from literary studies to textbooks; and
  • open science, open data, and a pilot data catalog for raising the visibility of protected data.

This landmark collection will help readers understand the open access movement, open data, open educational resources, open knowledge, and the opportunities for an open and transformed world they promise.

Portrait of Sarah Rhodes

Sarah Rhodes is being honored for her co-authored publication “The Darkest Themes: Perceptions of Teen-on-Teen Gun Violence in Schools as Portrayed in Teen Literature” in the Journal of Research on Libraries & Young AdultsShe is also being recognized for her work as the Assistant Guest Editor for the 70th Anniversary Edition of The English Record.

Citation: VanSlyke-Briggs, Kjersti, The Darkest Themes: Perceptions of Teen-on-Teen Gun Violence in Schools as Portrayed in Teen Literature. Journal of Research on Libraries & Young Adults Vol. 11 No. 2 (2020). n. page. Web.  

Abstract: This qualitative study examines the perceptions of librarians and teachers on the use of teen literature (also known as young adult literature [YAL] or adolescent literature in education scholarship) that portrays school shootings with teens. The researchers conducted both focus group interviews and an online Qualtrics survey to collect data, as well as group discussions from an online class for education graduate students on teen literature with school shootings as central to the plot. Both professional populations investigated supported the use of this literature with teens but lacked direct experience using literature with this subject matter and voiced a hesitancy in knowing where to begin in the selection of texts and planning for implementation.


You can read more about the Community of Scholars and see the archive for past events and winners here:





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