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Open Educational Resources and Affordable Learning

A guide to discovering, evaluating, and using low cost textbooks and other course materials.

What are Open Educational Resources?

OER are low- or no-cost course materials (like textbooks, lab workbooks, learning modules, videos, and more) that have been openly licensed so your instructor can modify and share them with you, and you can keep them forever.

OER benefits to students:

> Save money on textbooks and course materials, of course!

> Read and access OER in multiple ways: all online, printed in a packet, or sometimes in an online interactive OER course.

> Keep your OER forever, not when your textbook rental ends.

Find OER courses at SUNY Oneonta

General Education OER Pathway

All SUNY Oneonta students complete a group of core (General Education) liberal arts courses. The General Education requirements at Oneonta have been devised to enrich your intellectual development and contribute to our larger community. General Education experiences are designed to help students learn to appreciate a multiplicity of perspectives while mastering the skills of effective thinking, problem solving, and communication. 

OER course designation option in course searchTo keep your GenEd course costs low, SUNY Oneonta has prioritized these courses for OER. Every GenEd area has created at least one section that uses OER (low-cost, openly licensed materials).

Search for courses with low-cost textbooks!

Want to check which courses are using OER? You can search for OER in the SUNY Oneonta Class Schedule Search page.

> Choose a semester

> Scroll down to the "Attribute Type" filter box

> Choose "Open Educational Resources"

> Hit Enter to see all courses where at least 51% of the course materials are OER.

Having trouble? Contact or with questions. 

Want more OER options?

Student voices are important on campus. Ask your instructors and faculty mentors if they are using OER materials in their courses, and tell them why you would like to have more OER choices! Talk to other students about OER so they can choose low-cost materials, too.