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Milne Library Scholar


Applications will be open for the first two weeks of each semester (Fall and Spring) depending on availability of positions. 

Spring 2023

Applications are closed (No open positions)

Graduate Student - 0 open position

School of Liberal Arts and Business Undergraduate Student - 0 open position

School of Education, Human Ecology, and Sports Studies Undergraduate Student - 0 open position

School of Sciences Undergraduate Student - 0 open position


Applications will be judged using the following criteria:

Can the proposed project be reasonably completed?

Provide evidence that the scope of the project is appropriate to the time frame selected, and that enough initial investigation has been accomplished to complete the project.

Does the proposed project align with the mission of the library?

To provide quality information resources, services, and expertise, and to create an inviting and stimulating intellectual center as the foundation for the teaching, learning, and research activities at the State University of New York College at Oneonta.

Will the proposed project make use of library resources?

Milne Library has a wealth of physical and online resources to support research. Including specific library resources you plan to use in your research will demonstrate that some preliminary investigation into the research topic has already begun. Some helpful places to begin your search: 

Milne Library Catalog

Milne Library Guides

A-Z Database List


Does the proposed project demonstrates a clear and focused research agenda?

Include in the abstract a clear line of inquiry with a (tentative) plan for accomplishing the project. 

Does the proposal demonstrates strong communication skills?

Ensure the submitted proposal is free of spelling and grammatical errors. 

Selection Committee

The selection committee for the Milne Library Scholars is comprised of five members of the campus community. Two librarians, two library student workers, and one member of the teaching faculty. Current members of the selection team are:

Brendan Aucoin (Head of Access Services & Library Technology)

Jennifer Jensen (Scholarly Communication Librarian)

Cody Pope (Library Student Worker)

Cat Fallon (Library Circulation Supervisor)

Karen Stewart (Media Studies)