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MCOM 186: Media Inquiry Fall 2019 (Torosyan): Welcome

Guide Contents

This guide is designed to help you research for MCOM 350. In addition to recommending useful databases and online sources for information on media and communication studies, this guide also provides assistance locating books and other physical resources in the SUNY Oneonta Milne library and beyond. Finally, this guide provides several general tips and tricks for refining your research, and a section devoted entirely to APA style and citation.

As your proceed with your research, feel free to contact me, Brendan Aucoin- I am the Media and Communications bibliographer and am always happy to help! Or contact any of the other friendly librarians at the Milne Library.

Guide Contents

Find books and ebooks on communication and media related topics at SUNY Oneonta and beyond.

Key databases for Communication and Media research as well as a list of hand-picked journals in the field.

A general guide to refining results in the library search engine and for honing your research.

A guide specifically for writing and citing in the APA style.