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HIST 2504/ALS 2504: Introduction to African History (Unangst) Spring 2023, 2504 – 01 Assignment 2

Librarian: Mary Lynn Bensen

Finding Articles in Scholarly Journals Using Library Databases

For academic research, it is often important to use peer-reviewed (or refereed) journals rather than popular magazines.  Peer review is the process by which a journal article is evaluated by experts in the field.  An example of a peer-reviewed journal is the Renaissance Quarterly.  An example of a popular magazine is People.  To select scholarly/peer-reviewed publications, click on Scholarly or Peer-reviewed Journals.  

Selected Databases Covering Many Subjects, Including History

Both of the following databases are listed alphabetically by title on the library website under Databases. 

Academic Search Complete

             Provides selected full text for scholarly journals and popular magazines across the disciplines. 


Provides access to the full text of journals in many subject areas. There is no full-text coverage for the last 3-5 years, although citations will be given for articles in this time period.