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HIST 2504/ALS 2504: Introduction to African History (Unangst) Spring 2023, 2504 – 01 Assignment 2

Librarian: Mary Lynn Bensen

Finding Print and Electronic Books/Monographs in Milne Library

**Click on Advanced Search under Milne Library.

Select Library Catalog link at the top of the search screen.  This is an index to the collections of Milne Library.

Any Field will search for keywords in fields of the item record, Including author, title, subject, and contents.

Use drop-down menu to search for a specific field such as Author, Title, Subject.  Use drop-down menu under

Material Type to choose Books.  Click on Search toward the bottom of the screen.

Search Tips

  • Use the asterisk to truncate and search for variations of a word, including plural forms

             Example:  Senegal* searches for Senegal and Senegalese

  • Use quotation marks to search for a phrase rather than individual words

             Example: “West Africa”

  • Add “history” to the name of your country or area in your search to find books on the general history of the country or area (as recommended in course assignment #2).

                        Examples:  Senegal* and history, “West Africa*” and history

**Sign in with your SUNY Oneonta username and password to get complete results and to request items from other SUNY libraries through Interlibrary Loan (Resource Sharing). 

You can limit your results to those Held by Milne Library or Available Online (limiters on the left of the results list). 

For print books in Milne Library:

   1.  Note the availability status and the Library of Congress call number.

   2.  Using the information guide Library Floor Plans, find the book on the shelf and check

         out the book at the Circulation Desk using your SUNY Oneonta ID card.


  1. Note the availability status.
  2. Go to Get It! and select Request Item for Remote Check Out.
  3. The item will be checked out to you, and you will be notified by e-mail when it is available for pick up at the Circulation Desk.

**Virtual Browse (at the bottom of selected records for print books) gives information about books on the shelf near the selected book title, which can also be useful, since like titles are classed together. 

Note the Permalink icon on the detailed record for the book.

For electronic books in Milne Library:

               1.  Click on the title of the book

2.  Under View Online—Full text availability, link to any database listed and then to

      the full text of the book o to individual chapters of the book.