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HISW 3994: Genocide in the 20th Century (Unangst) Spring 2023 3526-02

Librarian: Mary Lynn Bensen

Finding Articles in Scholarly Journals

For academic research, it is often important to use peer-reviewed (or refereed) journals rather than popular magazines. Peer review is the process by which a journal article is evaluated by experts in the field. An example of a peer-reviewed journal is the Past and Present. An example of a popular magazine is People.

All of the following databases are listed on the web site in the alphabetical list under Databases.


Historical Abstracts

            Indexes bibliographic literature covering world history, excluding the U. S. and Canada.

Databases Covering Many Subjects, Including History

Academic OneFile 

Indexes scholarly journals and popular magazines covering most academic subject areas with some full text available.

 Academic Search Complete  

Provides selected full text for scholarly journals and popular magazines across the disciplines.


Provides access to the full text of journals in many subject areas. There is no coverage for the last 3-5 years.

Periodicals Archive Online

Includes full text of journals that span 200 years in the humanities and social sciences.

Project Muse

Provides full text of journal articles in the social sciences and humanities.

  Gender Studies

Gender Studies Collection (Gale)

            Includes selected full text of popular and scholarly sources in the area of gender studies.

Gender Watch

Provides selected full text of journals, newsletters and research reports on studies of women and gender.

Social Sciences

Criminal Justice Abstracts                                                                 

            Covers criminology, criminal justice, and related topics.

Criminal Justice Collection                                                                

            Extensive coverage of criminal justice.

Political Science Complete                                                                

            Full text for selected journal articles.                                                   

Social Sciences Full Text

            Full text for selected articles, including applied and theoretical aspects.


            Includes coverage of core journals in sociology.