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HISW 3994: Genocide in the 20th Century (Unangst) Spring 2023 3526-02

Librarian: Mary Lynn Bensen

Finding Book Reviews

Many scholarly journals include book reviews.  You can search for book reviews by adding “review” to your search.

            For example:

Topic and source type:  genocide and review (for list of reviews on multiple book titles about the topic of genocide).

Title and source type: Genocide and the Holocaust and review (for list of reviews of this particular book title).

Book Review Digest Retro 1903-1982                                                                                  Under Databases on library website

            Book reviews and selected full-text books.

Book Review Digest Plus                                                                                                         Under Databases on library website

            Current book reviews and citations to book

           reviews and selected full-text books.

Choice Reviews                                                                                                                         Under Databases on library website

            Source of reviews of academic books, electronic media,

           and internet sources.