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CGP Museum Studies: A Guide to Research

Welcome to Milne Library's research and subject guide for Museum Studies!

Installation image, Color and Comfort: Swedish Modern Design, 2019, at the Cleveland Museum of Art

This guide is designed to assist with resource (books, databases, journals, web resources) identification and/or access for graduate research in museum studies. Also included are general information on research practices and proper citation methods.

Research & Writing Process

This library guide is designed to help you along each step of the research process as you prepare and write papers for your classes. For general research paper help, try this guide, too. 

Each section of the guide connects with one step of the research process:

  • Pick a topic with ideas from library databases, journals, books, and more.

  • Find research sources by searching for reference items, articles, books, and other library resources to help you learn about your topic.

  • Organize your research, create on outline, begin writing, and cite your sources.

  • Review for grammar, spelling, and accuracy, confirm your citations, and revise as needed.

Cite your Sources

An important part of research is giving credit to scholars who informed your learning and writing. Plus, your reference list can act like a "how to" for other researchers to follow -- they can see what papers, articles, or other documents you used in your research to learn more about your topic. Finally, citing your research sources is essential to avoiding plagiarism. 

Milne Library Citation Guide

The most-used citation styles are detailed in the handy guide linked below. However, you should use the citation style your instructor assigns in the course syllabus or class project or description. Many sub-fields have their own styles as dictated by their discipline's leading journal, for example. Citation is an important skill to learn, but it takes practice. Don't hesitate to ask for help.

SLC Writing Support

Did you know that the Student Learning Center (SLC) offers graduate students writing-specific help? You can sign up for a writing consultation (one-time sessions focused on a specific assignment) by going to and choosing 'writing assistance' from the Student Services Menu. Sign in using your SUNY Oneonta login information.

If you have trouble with the SLC website, here are some tips:

  • Use a desktop or laptop as SLC does not have a mobile site.
  • If it’s being glitchy, try another browser. (For some reason, Safari does not play well with the SLC database.)
  • If you’re off campus and can’t log in, use Oneonta\username instead of just username when you log in.

Study Skills Workshops

The SLC runs workshops on a broad array of subjects to help students succeed. Check out the current workshop list and registration links here.

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