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Academic Achievement Awards 2022: Alumni Student Recognition Book Awards

Lists Academic Achievement Awards recipients and the titles books selected and plated in their honor.

Earth & Atmospheric Sciences to Music

Earth & Atmospheric Sciences                    Zulliet Cabrera Gomez

Economics                                               Alexa Laska

Elementary Education & Reading                 Jayda Woodall

English                                                  Alice Brennan

        Grace Kinne

Foreign Languages & Literatures                Alyssa Carbone

Geography & Environmental                       Chloe Dymek


        Zoe Griffin

History                                                     Jacob Lyons

Human Ecology                                         Isabel Amir

       Meredith Homin

       Jan Monchaitanapat

Mathematics, Computer                             Kevin Davidson

Science & Statistics

       Joseph Rodenas

       Ryan Stella

Music                                                       Riley Brown

                                                                       Lucas Bruce

        Ryan Mastrelli