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WHIS 294 (HISW 3394): The Global Cold War (Unangst) Spring 2022 294-01

Librarian: Mary Lynn Bensen

Finding Background Information

Reference books, specifically encyclopedias and handbooks, provide brief, reliable information about a topic. They are excellent sources for finding background information, important concepts, names, and dates. These sources often include lists of books and articles for further reading. Background sources generally do not count toward the number of required sources because they provide overviews rather than substantial information.

Students can request free photocopy of pages in reference sources at the Reference Desk. Staff members will attempt to make copies at the time of the request, but students should generally expect to pick up photocopies one or two days after the request has been submitted. A scanner is also available in the reference area for copying information. Assistance is available at the Reference Desk.