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Resources on Bullying, Mobbing, and other Forms of Workplace Psychological Violence

This topic guide provides a selection of resources on various aspects of bullying, mobbing, and other forms of workplace psychological and emotional abuse.

word cloud that includes terms such as mobbing, bullying, scapegoating, and psychological terror.

Welcome to this topic guide on workplace bullying and other forms of workplace psychological abuse.

There is an abundance of research on this topic, especially within the last two decades. 

This guide provides a variety of books, articles, and websites (arranged by tabs on the left) that document the various aspects of this cumulative, malicious, and destructive workplace phenomenon.  Many of these are available through Milne Library. 

Within these resources you will discover: 

  • The prevalence of this phenomenon within the workplace
  • The range of damaging and costly effects on targets, witnesses, and organizations
  • How to recognize abusive behaviors and tactics
  • What strategies can be utilized by targets, witnesses, administration, and HR 
  • What obstacles can undermine detection, acknowledgement, and intervention
  • Prevention

This is an evolving guide, and I am grateful for input.  Please email me at with questions or suggestions, including helpful resources to include.