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Allocations Working Group


Welcome to the Allocations Working Group information guide!  This guide describes the activity of the Working Group and provides background on the Milne Library monograph allocations formula. 

The allocations formula is an important component of collection development.  It is used to apportion funds to the University's academic departments to purchase books and physical media in support of the teaching,  learning, and scholarly/creative activity needs of students and faculty.


The purpose of the Allocations Working Group is to revise the monograph allocations formula. The current allocations formula was last modified in 2012 and therefore quite outdated.  In November 2023, the Library Committee resolved to create an Allocations Working Group to address the need for a new allocations formula.


The Allocations Working Group consists of Library Committee representatives and library staff including three faculty members from academic departments, two library faculty/staff members, and the Dean of the Library.

Academic Department Representatives

Keith Brunstad, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences 

Summer Cunningham, Communications & Media

Yuriy Malakov, History

Milne Library Representatives

Darren Chase, Dean of the Library

Michelle Hendley, Head of Collection Development, Research Management & Sharing

Betsy Tucker, Acquisitions Assistant


The Working Group is charged with reviewing academic department feedback on their allocation, updating curricular offerings, and considering best and past practices such as second chance ordering and special projects with a view to creating an allocations formula that is equitable and that aligns with the current university mission. 

Questions may be directed to Darren Chase, Dean of the Library.  

This guide was created by Michelle Hendley.