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SUNY Oneonta Greek Life

A gallery of photographs dedicated to the history of Greek Life at SUNY Oneonta. All these photos and more can be found in the Alden Room on the 3rd floor of the library.

SUNY Oneonta Greek Life

Greek letter organizations have been present on SUNY Oneonta's campus since the 1890s. Groups that started out as social clubs or literary societies later added Greek letters to their organizations and formed the first fraternities and sororities at SUNY Oneonta. Due to this interesting start, some of the organizations still present today are known both by their Greek letters and the original society name; Alpha Kappa Phi is also the Agonian Sorority and Sigma Gamma Phi is Arethusa. Other organizations that helped found Greek life at SUNY Oneonta died out in the early 1900s; the Delphic Fraternity, the Philalethean Fraternity and the Clionian Sorority. 

Organizations have come and gone, but they all leave their mark in SUNY Oneonta history. 

To view these photos and more than one hundred others, visit the new SUNY Oneonta Greek Life digital archive collection on the NY Heritage website. A statewide archival initiative dedicated to preserving New York State History. 

You can also see all these photos and more in the Alden Room on the 3rd floor of Milne Library. 

SUNY Oneonta Greek Life members in front of The Copper Fox

Photographs Introduction

The photos below are a small collection, showcasing organizations that were present on SUNY Oneonta's campus during the mid-late 1900s. Some of these organizations such as Iota Tau Kappa, Alpha Kappa Phi (Agonian), Sigma Gamma Phi (Arethusa), Pi Delta Chi, and Alpha Phi Omega still have active chapters. The others, Delta Phi Kappa, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Sigma Beta, and Sigma Tau Alpha are no longer present on SUNY Oneonta's campus. 

Greek Groups

Pi Delta Chi outside the Copper Fox - 1980s

Iota Tau Kappa circa 1970s

Agonian Clubroom in Old Main

Alpha Kappa Phi on porch

Arethusa 1902

Pi Delta Chi Sorority on porch

Pi Delta Chi on porch

Iota Tau Kappa in basement

Pi Delta Chi Sorority in front of banner

Pi Delta Chi pre-1990s

Alpha Sigma Beta

Alpha Kappa Phi

Arethusa 1901

Gamma Sigma Sigma

Arethusa/Sigma Gamma Phi

Iota Tau Kappa

Sigma Tau Alpha

Alpha Sigma Beta

Agonian Sorority 1893

Gamma Sigma Sigma

Sigma Tau Alpha in basement

Arethusa 1905

Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity

Delta Phi Kappa

Agonian Sorority 1901