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Darren Chase 2022-03-21T18:05:10-04:00

3/16 Dialogue Session Notes, Classified Notes

President’s Dialogue Session – March 16, 2022

Welcome by President Cardelle

  1. Challenges we face on campus
  2. Opportunities – not taken advantage of on campus

Listen and learn

            Doing things no one wants to talk about

            Support but not listening

Mask wearing

            Wearing mask through at least March 26

            Infection rate was zero when students left for break

            We are in a good position to remove masks

            We monitor when they return – wastewater, etc.

            You may request to wear a mask in one-on-one meetings

Feeling less than

Faculty members coming through building with complete disregard when spoken to and no acknowledgement when spoken to.

            Non-teaching persons working in the same building who refuse to acknowledge when spoken to

Dale Webster – 8 residence halls need repairs

            Would like to see more singles, kitchenettes in rooms More independent living to entice students to live on campus rather than moving off campus

            UPD should be more present – foot patrol to be more social with students

Smoking pavilions near dorms – students smoking in rooms, covering smoke detectors. Allow to smoke pot now that it is legalized.

Presidents noted that federal decision not to allow pot smoking could lose federal financial assistance.

Anne Winchester

HS students who would like to take college credit courses. Making them available here to prompt them to continue their degree here.

Tamra – daughter takes a college course from TC3 because not offered closer to home goes to school an hour early because her HS teacher offered to teach the lab that she can not do from home learning virtually.

Additional morale issues –

Classified employees have felt “less than” for a long time.

Example – finally equal parking status as faculty stickers – no longer blue/red to purple stickers

Example – today’s session for classified employees was an after thought until it was brought up during Friday, March 11 session.

President – acknowledged that he spoke to CSEA president about inclusion of classified staff, fell through the cracks and apologized for that

There needs to be a change in attitude about classified staff – looked at as being here to serve. This thinking needs to change.

Carol Conroy – thanked colleagues for their help when she changed positions from non-academic side to academic support side. She had no knowledge and appreciated that others were willing to help her transition.

Downside that we are not allowed to begin position while outgoing person is still employed. You begin a new position without any idea on how to do the job.

She worked in employment services and watched the diminishing of the grade level positions through CSEA. We have untapped assets sitting in this room. There is no training.

In the past – Dean’s secretary used to host a luncheon to gather department secretaries to ask questions, go over and update information.

There is a community of experts (see all the gray hair in this room) to train new folks

Keith Mott – Morale

Telecommuting should be discontinued.

Many are mandated to come to work, others are not allowed to work remotely.

It has caused major discord – US vs Them

President Cardelle – college is trying to make things as equitable as possible

Telecommuting – units can request a proposal

No established level

SUNY Central – provided this

            Telecommuting will become a thing

Keith feels that a priority should be given in filling positions in trades.

Taking too long to replace positions.

Grade 12 in electric shop has been unfilled for over a year. Grade 9 in the shop has applied for it, only applicant and has not hear a word.

Employment review committee – positions that are really needed

Custodial will not need to be reviewed because of the great need

Complaint about changing classified positions to UUP – why? Registrar’s office went from five to three but have three additional UUP positions.

Admissions – 7 classified positions to 3 – increased UUP positions

Grade 11 change –

Traineeship for two years

            No longer a test – duties dependent on what grade you are coming into the position. Are not supposed to be working out of title, but they do. Also required to take classes to receive the grade 11 title after two years. Paid less money, doing more work.

Custodial Guidelines are outdated and need to change. Hiring should be ongoing. The process is taking too long to complete.

Res Life – information going out to incoming students and parents is not accurate

            Air conditioning in room – not

            Student rooms cleaned by custodial staff

Hunt Union – lost second shift custodial, especially when there are more offices in the building now with the renovation. Need to do away with split shift and overlap the three shifts so there is always someone on during pass days.

Campus is short staffed of cleaners.

Causing riff between employees - tattle tails when masks are not being warn.

Classified employees are doing more work without additional compensation – Grade 11 supervisor now interim in another office that is short staff and working out of title for no compensation. While UUP members receive extra service pay when asked to work do additional work. Big morale issue.

College is a top-heavy organization

More positions created at the top

Losing more lower-level positions


New renumbering

Three secretaries showed

No advisors showed – were not made to

            They should have attended virtually if did not want to be in person

Concerning that the HR Director reports to Finance and Administration when previously reported to president. President is not up to speed on positions. It is now a numbers thing.



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