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SUNY Oneonta Institutional Planning

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Darren Chase 2022-03-02T10:44:54-05:00

2/23 Student Dialogue Session Notes, President's Office

Feb. 23 student dialogue session notes:


  • At what point can we say things have calmed down with Covid?
  • How are we going to manage covid in the future?
  • Normalize it is ok to wear a mask if you want and to stay home if you’re feeling sick.
  • Mental health and inclusivity need to be centralized into all conversations and decisions
  • College is already a hard time and the pandemic is making it harder.
  • Faculty and staff need to be educated on identifying and working with people who have a mental illness or disability.
  • Sustainability – there is a lot of food waste in the dining halls.
  • Students from every socioeconomic status need to be supported.
  • Can tell there is a drop in enrollment.
  • Students have a hard time accessing core classes or classes they need to be competitive for grad schools.
  • Students have a lack of knowledge about all the resources and services available to them on campus or at the college.
  • Some classrooms could be more modern. Schumacher specifically.
  • Not all desks and furniture in classrooms are adaptable to all body sizes.
  • Centralizing safe spaces on campus – the CRJIE is too far away from most things
  • More gender neutral bathrooms
  • Need private spaces to complete telehealth appointments or private phone calls.
  • Need outdoor spaces to do homework – more benches, tables and chairs.


  • Mentorship program for guidance on prepping for post-graduation life.
  • Celebrate the things we are good at – we often point out the hate, but there are ways to point out the small acts of kindness, too.
  • Implement diversity classes that all students should take – like education majors have to. Could help with some of the problems we see. Interactive activites are good for this type of training.
  • More education about bystander intervention training.
  • Use alumni as a resource – promote networking with alumni – not just for upper classmen but even for freshmen and prospective students.
  • Design other buildings to have classrooms like fitzelle. Sitting at tables or in a circle rather than individual desks.
  • Students can get involved with city relations



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