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SUNY Oneonta Institutional Planning

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Darren Chase 2022-03-02T10:26:35-05:00

2/2 Dialogue Session Notes, Governance

Dialog Session: Academic Affairs, classroom instructors

Meeting on2/2/2022 in IRC 4:

  • facilitator- Keith Jones,
  • notetakers: Grazyna Kamburowska, Kathy Webster, and Karyn
  • 28 people in attendance
  • President: welcome remarks
  • college needs strategic plan. Delay by Covid.
  • Strategic plan was discussed for the last 18-24 months with governance.
  • Questions for discussion:
  1. What are challenges of teaching institution?
  2. What are opportunities of teaching institution?
  • Dr. Elizabeth Dunn, Dean of School of Liberal Arts and Business:
  • Main challenge is how to recover our reputation
  • Maybe new programs can help
  • ?
  • We must believe in ourselves
  • SUCO is still good place, and we are doing good job
  • ?
  • President:
  • Decrease in enrollment is not a new problem, we observed this for long time
  • We need to concentrate on how to attract new students
  • Dr. Theresa Russo:
  • We can take under consideration historical perspective: we were in similar situation before
  • Decrease in enrollment is not surprising- we were expecting this. It happen just sooner than expected because of Covid.
  • We are not in panic situation!
  • We worked hard to improve retention rates for long time.
  • Keith Jones (facilitator)
  • Can we use past experience?
  • In the last 5 years a lot of work was done
  • Dr. Elizabeth Dunn
  • We know that, but drop by 1000 in number of students  is not normal
  • We need to set some standards
  • Keith Jones
  • We have three causes for decreasing number of students: changing demographic, Covid
  • We like to know how it was done in the past when this institution had increase in students
  • Dr. Eileen Morgan-Zayachek
  • This is appealing place but not always the strategic thinking was priority
  • We can see some patterns in students leaving:
  1. Students with GPA 3.0 and above are leaving
  2. Students transfer to schools which offer majors which we don’t have
  3. Some schools added attractive programs
  • Maybe we need to find which programs are attractive now.
  • ? (from Psychology?)
  • We must provide better advisement
  • We must market our programs better
  • We must provide better advisement in the departments
  • Dr. Franklin Chambers:
  • Social engagement is important
  • Dr. Theresa Russo:
  • We have historical data
  • Students liked to be here
  • We really need to know what students need!
  • We can do better on these fronts.
  • ? (from Psychology?)
  • We must care more about front line faculty and staff
  • We must invest in junior faculty
  • Dr. Daniel Nahson:
  • Technology is important
  • We must know which new technology is needed
  • Dr. Tracy Allen:
  • What is main reason to attract students?
  • Keith Jones:
  • We must support faculty so they can do better for students
  • ? (from Psychology?):
  • Students need our time
  • President:
  • We are not attracting students from out of state. Why?
  • How we can make SUCO more attractive for out of state students?
  • Advertise Art program for example

Meeting ended at 2:00pm



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