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Books in the Library Catalog

Not sure where to start? Check out the three books spotlighted below! 

What The Best College Teachers Do Book Cover
Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher Book Cover Image

Books Outside the Library Catalog

Books Available in the Faculty Center

The following list are books that the Faculty Center for Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship has available for faculty to take. Please reach out to Racheal Fest ( if you are interested in procuring a copy: 

  1. Undoing the Grade: Why We Grade, and How to Stop
  2. Make it Stick
  3. How Learning Works
  4. Robot-Proof
  5. Learning with Others
  6. Teaching with AI
  7. Ungrading
  8. Specifications Grading
  9. Radical Hope
  10. Relationship-Rich Education
  11. Thinking Critically in College: The Essential Handbook for Student Success
  12. Learning that Matters

Call Numbers for Pedagogical Resources

The Library of Congress Classification system is how libraries organize materials by subject matter. Pedagogical materials will be included in the larger call number for a particular subject matter. For example, pedagogical items for biology would be located within the Q classification. 

LC Classification: 

A - General Works

B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

C - Auxiliary Sciences of History

D - World History

E - History of the Americas

F - History of the Americas

G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

H - Social Sciences

J - Political Sciences

K - Law

L - Education

M - Music and Books on Music

N - Fine Arts

P - Language and Literature

Q - Science

R - Medicine

S - Agriculture

T - Technology

U - Military Science

V - Naval Science

Z - Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resources (General)

Web Resources


 This guide was created in collaboration with the James M. Milne Library, the College Library Committee, and the Faculty Center. Please contact Sarah Rhodes for any comments or suggestions.