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Finding Journals

The library has access to both print journals and online journals in the field of math and science education.

Print journals can be located in the Periodicals section of the first floor and the sub-basement. The latest issue of a journal will be found on the first floor, with older issues found in the sub-basement. The print journals are arranged by alphabetical order on the first floor in the back left corner, near the study rooms.

Online journals can be searched using the library’s Milne Search feature on the library homepage. You can click on the Journals tab and search either by name or keyword. You will want to make sure that you are signed in (you should see your name in the upper right hand corner on the search results page) to be able to access the online materials.

Some titles to pay particular attention to are:


Finding Children's Books

The children’s books are located on the second floor of the Milne Library in the area loosely known as the Dewey Area. The children’s fiction books are located in the EASY section and are arranged by the first three letters of the author’s last name. The nonfiction books are located in the Child Coll section and are arranged using the Dewey Decimal System. This classification system is the system most school libraries use.

The 500 area is the Science category. Mathematics is considered a subset of science in the Dewey Decimal Classification System. If you are looking for books related to Math or Science and would like to browse the shelves, you will want to stick in the area where the call numbers begin with 500.

To locate specific titles, you can use the library’s Milne Search function on the library homepage. Beneath the search bar on the Search tab, you will see a link for Advanced Search. Click on that. You will then see a large search box. On this page, you can select the Children’s Collection. By selecting this choice, you can search specifically for books in the Children’s Collection. This function allows you to filter out books that would not be in that particular area.