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Faculty Carrels

Faculty Carrel Request Forms will be available for submission August 28, 2023 - September 8, 2023.

Milne Library Faculty Carrel Policy

Locked Study Carrels
Guidelines for Locked Study Carrels

Library study carrels are available to faculty based upon an agreement with the library and the Library Committee.  ASSIGNMENTS ARE BASED ON THE FOLLOWING PRIORITY GROUPS:

First:  Untenured, but tenure-track faculty member*, or faculty member on sabbatical, whose research benefits from ready access to library collections
Second:  Tenured faculty member, whose research benefits from ready access to library collections
Third:  Any faculty member requiring study space for one semester, or the academic year, who has not previously been able to obtain a carrel

*Faculty member can be teaching or non-teaching
     Occupants are expected to adhere to the guidelines, including vacating the carrels on, or before, the expiration date.

1.     Requests for carrels must be submitted prior to September 3rd.  Assignments for carrels will be made by the library after September 3rd, based on applications received and in accordance with the priority groups.  Applications are available on the Milne Library web site. 

2.     In the event that there are more applicants than available carrels, those applicants who fall into the first priority group will be selected by lottery.  If there are fewer applicants than available carrels in the first-priority group, then a second lottery will pick from the second-priority group applicants.  If carrels are still available, a third lottery will pick from the third-priority pool.   Applicants will be notified of the status of their applications via campus e-mail prior to the first day of classes for the following semester.  Applications for which no carrel assignment is made will be kept on a waiting list in case of vacancies occur during the year.  The waiting list will expire at the end of the academic year.

3.    Carrels must be requested each year.  A carrel may be assigned to the same applicant for another semester or academic year depending on demand, but no special priority will be given to renewal requests.

4.    Carrels are for research project purposes and not intended as office substitutes for any reason.

5.    Carrels are assigned for a semester or academic year.  Carrels not being renewed need to be vacated prior to the first day of classes for the following semester.

6.    A maximum of one applicants will be assigned to a carrel.

7.    The library does not assume any responsibility for personal property, including private computers, left in study carrels by occupants.

8.    All study carrels have access to Oneonta’s wireless network.   All computers that are left on may be powered off by library staff.  Due to security concerns, private computers may not be configured to function as a server or host server-type services to remote users.  Study carrel occupants are expected to comply with the campus Computer and Network Use Policy.

9.    All library materials in study carrels must be charged out to the carrel occupant.  Study carrels will be checked regularly; books and periodicals not charged will be removed.  A notice will be left for materials not properly charged to patrons.  A second notice will constitute grounds for automatic termination of carrel assignment during a semester.

10.    Smoking, appliances like refrigerators or microwave ovens, dehumidifiers, heating and cooling devices are prohibited in all study carrels.  All electrical devices must comply with the campus fire safety regulations.  New York State Public Health Law 13-E prohibits smoking in the library.  Power strips must have breakers and may not be “chained.”

11.    Library and custodial staff members are not available to move carrel residents’ property in or out of carrels.

12.    Objects are not to be attached in any manner to study carrel walls, doors, or glass Panels (when installed).  Due to safety and security considerations, any material covering glass panels will be removed.

13.    Study carrels are not to be shared without prior approval.

14.    Assignment of a carrel does not come with a key to the library building.  Carrels can only be used during regular business hours of Milne Library.

15.    Occupants of carrels on the third floor must comply with the noise restrictions of the “quiet” floor.

16.    If a carrel occupant reports a lost carrel key, a lock change fee will be assessed to cover locksmith charges.

Approved February 6, 2012
College Library Committee