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DRGN 1000: Families and Globalization (Rombo) Fall 2023


This guide was created by a former Milne Librarian.

  • In 2021, it was adapted by Jennifer Jensen with ideas from guides by Michelle Hendley, Heather Statler, and Sarah Rhodes. 


Welcome to the course guide for Dr. Rombo's Fall 2023 DRGN 1000: Families and Globalization seminar. This guide includes information about the reference process and finding sources. Reach out with questions about library resources at the reference desk or schedule a one-on-one research consultation here

Research process

The Research Process

This library guide is designed to help you along each step of the research process as you prepare and write papers for your classes. For general Research Paper Help, try this guide, too. 

research process - pick a topic, find sources, write & cite, and revise

Each section of the guide connects with one step of the research process:

  • Pick a topic with ideas from the news, library databases, and more.
  • Find Research Sources by searching for reference items, articles, books, and other library resources to help you learn about your topic.
  • When you are ready to get writing, the Write & Cite page has helpful links to citation and writing/revising resources.