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ANTH 3352: Anthropology of Sexes & Genders (Han) Fall 2023

Background Sources

Gathering background information on your topic is a great way to start any research assignment.  By looking through encyclopedias, handbooks, and other reference materials, you can usually find the following information very quickly:

  • Brief overview of your topic
  • Key concepts, people, dates, and events
  • Lists of sources for further reading and bibliographies that may lead you to additional sources

Below are a few electronic encyclopedias to get you started.  If you're not finding your topic, please feel free to contact me (at as it may be in a more specialized encyclopedia.

Reference Books

Print Reference  Books

There are a number of excellent books in the Reference Collection on the 1st floor of the library that provide general and expanded information on sexes and genders.  While Reference Books cannot be checked out, they can be used in the library.  You can request photocopies at the Reference Desk, and you are also welcome to make scans; there is a scanner located across from the Reference Desk.

Electronic Reference Books

Below are a few reference books available to you online.  To access them, you will be asked to sign on with you SUNY Oneonta user ID and password.