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COMP 1011: The College Research Essay (Christiansen) Summer 2023 1011 Library Database Orientation

Librarian: Dr. Mary Lynn Bensen

Finding Articles in Periodicals (Magazines and Journals) Using Library Databases

For academic research, it is often important to use peer-reviewed (or refereed) journals rather than popular magazines. Peer review is the process by which a journal article is evaluated by experts in the field. An example of a peer-reviewed journal is Narrative.  An example of a popular magazine is National Geographic.

Access the following databases by clicking on the Databases link on the left side of the library website and locating the database name in the alphabetical list.  Some databases include a mix of popular (magazine) and scholarly (journal) periodical articles.  Other databases include only scholarly journal articles.  A list of databases by Subject is helpful for finding databases covering specific subjects, such as literature, history, political science, biology, and more.