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Alden Room Topics Master Template

Students and Student Life

What were students like in the early history of Oneonta?  What was student life like in the early 1900s? The 1950s?   The Archives has various documents that illuminate student life of the past.  Below are a few possibilities:

Faculty and Administrators

Who was the first Principal at Oneonta?  What were the earliest faculty like?  What contributions did the early Presidents make?  Who are the people that so many of the buildings on campus named after, and what did they do?

Below are just a few topic possibilities related to people:


Our campus has changed immensely over the years.  We started in 1889 in one grand, majestic building, which housed classrooms, offices, the library, cafeteria, gym, and literary society rooms.  After it was destroyed by a fire, a new and even more majestic building took its place.  Many years later, in the 1950s, as the student body grew, land was purchased and the modern campus we know today started to grow.  What histories do the buildings have?  What about other places that are part of the campus, like the pond and College Camp?

Click below to get a snapshot of possible topics in this area:

Old Main (the first and second)

The Pillars

Milne Library

Hunt Union

Morris Complex

Bugbee School

Human Ecology


The University has a long history of traditions.  How did they originate, and why?  When did they begin?  Are they still around today?  Has their meaning changed?  Below are just a few:

Pass Through the Pillars

Candlelight Ceremony

Paper Hat Assembly


Student clubs and organizations have been around since our beginning in 1889 as the Oneonta Normal School.  


While our institution began primarily for teacher education, there have been many changes over the years .  What is the early history of your major?  When did classes in your major start being offered?  How have the requirements changed?


There are also topic possibilities that don't fit into an overarching category.  Some are fun, some curious, some contentious, and some celebratory.  Check out a few of the possibilities below!

Black List

Alden Room ghost/campus ghosts