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MGMT 3343: Organizational Behavior (Durkin) Spring 2023

Finding a company

For this assignment, you will need to choose a Fortune 100 company that is publicly traded in the United States. Here are some places that you may find a company:


Finasko - Fortune 100 Companies List

Investopedia - Fortune 100 List

A few other ways to make sure that the company is U.S.-based and company traded is to:

  • See if the company website has an 'Investor Relations' or 'Investors' section - this means it is public
  • Look the company up in EDGAR from the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • A quick Google search

Ticker Symbol

Knowing the ticker symbol of a company is important because you will be using that ticker symbol to research the company. A Ticker Symbol is a unique identifier for a publicly traded company. You can find a company's ticker symbol through Yahoo Finance or a Google search.