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HIST 2180: Basic Skills for History (Harder) Fall 2022 2180-01

Librarian: Mary Lynn Bensen

Finding Background Information (Selected Sources)

Reference books (encyclopedias, handbooks, chronologies) are valuable sources of information.

  • Brief overviews
  • Important concepts, names, and dates
  • Lists of sources for further reading
  • Free photocopying at Reference Desk
  • Do not generally count as required sources

Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History                                                                                                           Ref D23 B45 2010

Encyclopedia of World Biography                                                                                                                       Ref CT 103 E56 1997

Reference books in history can be found in Ref D, E, and F on Milne Library’s 1st floor and in the sub-basement.

Cambridge Histories Online                                                                                                  Under Databases on library web site

This database includes the complete text of over 350 scholarly titles in the Cambridge History Series.  Each title is also listed individually in the library’s online catalog under databases on library website.

Gale Virtual Reference Library                                                                                             Under Databases on library web site

            A collection of full-text reference books covering many subjects, including science, math, and