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The Maroons: Rebellion | Ainsley Burrows

Aug 30 – Oct 15, 2022

The Maroons: Rebellion is an exhibition of eleven works selected from Ainsley Burrows’ broader series of the same title. The Maroons: Rebellion series, his most prolific to date, includes 125 paintings about the fight for freedom by enslaved Africans in Jamaica. These works reveal a shared history that includes the harrowing journey of the Middle Passage, the resilience of the Maroons in their fight for freedom, and the cultural knowledge that was both retained throughout and adapted to these experiences. Ainsley Burrows is a Jamaican-born artist currently working in Baltimore, MD, and Brooklyn, NY. His work explores unwritten histories and the emotional expression of ancestry and contemporary experiences. In these works, he utilizes a technique that he has named “Neo-Chaos” to imprint the turbulence of what he perceives onto the canvas. 

Exhibition Reading List
Further Reading, provided by Dr. Sheena Mason