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COMM 100 (COMM 1000): Introduction to Communication (Simonson) Spring 2022 100 -01

Microform? Microfiche? Microfilm? Micro-what? This particular type of resource may be very unfamiliar to you. Fear not – you will feel comfortable using it by the end of the class!


Microform: a general term used to describe any material that contains a tiny image or micro reproduction

Microform Reader/Scanner: a special device used to magnify microform so that it is accessible

Microfilm: a type of microform in the shape of a roll of film

Microfiche: a type of microform that is a flat sheep of film around the size of an index card

Purpose: One of the purposes of microform is to store a large amount of information on a small amount of space. It also preserves information because it is easily duplicable and is fairly durable when treated properly. Microform is also cost-effective and provides a cheaper alternative to digital files.

Location: The microform and microform readers are located in a room in the sub-basement of the library. There are directions on how to use the microform readers located near the machines. If you need help, you may call extension x2727 on the phone located in the microform room. The sub-basement is only open until about 5 pm. Plan your research time in the microform room accordingly.