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HIST 104/ALS 104 (HIST 2504/ALS 2504): Introduction to African History (Unangst) Assignment 2 SPRING 2022, 104 – 01 & 104 - 02

Librarian: Mary Lynn Bensen

Finding Articles in Scholarly Journals Using Library Databases

For academic research, it is often important to use peer-reviewed (or refereed) journals rather than popular magazines.  Peer review is the process by which a journal article is evaluated by experts in the field.  An example of a peer-reviewed journal is the Renaissance Quarterly.  An example of a popular magazine is People.  To select scholarly/peer-reviewed publications, click on Scholarly or Peer-reviewed Journals.   

Both of the following databases are listed alphabetically by title on the library website under Databases.  

Selected Databases Covering Many Subjects, Including History