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FREN 224: French Music and Poetry (Koeddermann) Spring 2022 224-01


The Encyclopedia of Diderot and D'Alembert: Collaborative Translation Project

This excellent resource allows you to browse articles that have been translated into English.  You can search the database of translations in a variety of ways, including:

  • Simple Search
  • Proximity Search
  • Boolean Search  

You can also browse articles:

  • by English title
  • by French title 
  • by category of knowledge (for instance Music, Poetry, History of Fine Arts, Logic, Religion, Secular History, Astronomy, Science, etc...)
  • by author
  • by plates (illustrations)

You can find out more about this project that is hosted by Michigan Publishing, a division of the University of Michigan Library, here.


ARTFL Encyclopédie

This massive database (most of which is in French) provides access to the Encyclopédie in French and allows you to search or browse. There is also access to the plates (illustrations).  In addition, this rich source provides additional information about the Encyclopédie, including:

  • Research & archival materials
    • Chronology
    • Diderot's imprisonment
    • Conflicts surrounding the publication of the Encyclopédie
  • Front matter, including frontispiece
  • Encyclopedists (authors)


Denis Diderot Archive, 1713-1784

From the Encyclopedia of Marxism, this resource contains a fascinating little collection that lets us see what Diderot was like and how he thought.  Among other things, you can read 

  • His brief biography
  • His writings on such things as "Regrets for my Old Dressing Gown" and "Thoughts on Religion"
  • Two of his many entries in the Encyclopedie, including "Freedom of Thought" and "Maimonides"
  • Marxist commentary on Diderot