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PHIL 231 (PHIL 3230): Media Ethics (Koeddermann) Spring 2022 231-01

Getting Started

Encyclopedias are a great reference resource that provides quick, reliable background information about a topic. They are excellent starting points for research because they will provide important background information about a topic, including relevant concepts, events, dates, places, and names. Entries will often include reference lists of other resources for further reading. 

When you start doing research, it can be very helpful to keep a list of search terms that you can use.  You will likely try different combinations of these terms in order to find just the research you are looking for.  To get ideas on additional search terms, try the following:

  • Brainstorm synonyms, larger concepts, and narrower concepts
  • Check out background sources (like encyclopedias) for additional terms 
  • Look at the list of subject terms when you locate an article using the library's databases

Reference Books

Reference Websites and Databases