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HIST 104/ALS 104 (HIST 2504/ALS 2504): Introduction to African History (Unangst) Fall 2021

Librarian: Mary Lynn Bensen

Finding the Chicago Manual of Style for Citation and Bibliographic Formats

A short library guide for citing many types of sources is available at the Reference Desk and on the library web site at Citing Sources.

Chicago Manual of Style (e-book)                                                      Under Databases on library web site

                                             (print)                                                          Ref Z 253 U69 2017

Finding Background Information in Selected Reference Sources

Reference books (encyclopedias, handbooks, chronologies) in print and online form are valuable sources of

information.  Free photocopying of entries is available at the Reference Desk.  Reference sources do not

typically count as required sources.

Reference generally sources include:

  • Brief overviews of topics
  • Important concepts, names, and dates
  • Lists of sources for further reading

Online Reference Databases

Under Databases on library web site

Finding Selected Print and E-book Reference Book Titles on African History

Reference books on African history can be found in Ref DT on Milne Library’s 1st floor and in the library’s sub-basement (SB).

Africa (The World Today Series) Ref DT 1 D6 2019-2020
Africa A-Z:  Continental and Country Profiles Ref DT 30 A344  Sub-basement
Africa:  An Encyclopedia of Culture and Society Ref DT 14 A3415 2016
African Countries and Culture:  A Concise Illustrated Dictionary Ref DT3 H67 Sub-basement
Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Middle East and North Africa

Ref DS 44 C37 1988

Cultural Atlas of Africa Ref DT 14 C83  Sub-basement
Encyclopedia of African History

Ref DT 20 E53 2005

Encyclopedia of African History and Culture Ref DT 3 P27 2001

Encyclopedia of the Atlantic World, 1400-1900Europe, Africa,

  and America in an Age of Exploration, Trade, and Empires

Ref DT 351 A37 2019
Encyclopedia of Food and Culture Ref GT 2850 E53 2003
Encyclopedia of South Africa e-book in Library Catalog
Encyclopedia of 20th-century African History Ref DT 29 E53 2003
Encyclopedia of World Trade:  From Ancient Times to the Present e-book in Library Catalog
Historical Dictionary of Women’s Sub-Saharan Africa Ref HQ 1787 S44 2005
Major Political Events in South Africa Ref DT 1945 R54 1991
New Encyclopedia of Africa Ref DT 2 48 2008
Oxford Encyclopedia of African Thought Ref DT 14 O74 2010

Titles beginning with Historical Dictionary of

   Each volume covers a single African country.

Ref DT…

Credo Reference                                                                                                    Search Credo Reference AND Africa   

   Selected titles from this distributor are available as e-books.                             in Library Catalog

Selected Keywords/Subject Headings to Use as Search Terms

Headings and sub-headings can appear in reversed order depending upon the focus of the source.  For example:                    




Regions of Africa such as Eastern Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa

South of the Sahara

Africa, Sub-Saharan

Names of individual countries

Regions of Africa such as Eastern Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa

Subjects such as Music, Art, Environment, etc. with Africa as a sub-heading

Selected Sub-headings



Economic conditions

Politics and Government

Social conditions


Mary Lynn Bensen (

Milne Library, SUNY Oneonta
September 2021