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The Book Proposal: A Guide for Faculty in the Early Stages of Developing a Book

This guide was created for a faculty-led workshop using faculty-created materials and suggested resources.

Workshop event itinerary


  1. Panel presentations - introductions, experiences, and questions from audience
  2. Workshop the proposal in groups
  3. Sign up to create writing group

Suggested workshop activities

Workshop Portion: Preparing the Book Proposal

Write down responses to these questions as regards the book you have uppermost in mind. If you have alternate versions you are considering, you can do this exercise for up to two different versions.

  1. In two to three sentences, what is the main contribution of your book?
  2. In one sentence, what is your book about?
  3. Publishers: List some. If need ideas, check your citations. What publishers show up repeatedly? (Group folks accordingly.)

In groups of three:

  1. Based on the authors’ answers to the previously posed questions, identify the best audience for each of these books. Discuss.
  2. What is your assessment of the interest of such a book for the intended audience? Discuss.
  3. Develop (or identify if already written) up to 3 primary aims of your own proposed book.
  4. Develop or identify a possible table of contents for the book. How well do the contents reflect #3? Discuss in groups if time.