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AOP Summer Academy

Library resources for students participating in the AOP Summer Academy at SUNY Oneonta


When you begin a research project, it is a good idea to take a moment to reflect on your prior knowledge of the topic area. How much do you already know about this topic? In most cases, you will need to do a bit of research to get some general information on your topic. Encyclopedias are arranged alphabetically and contain a general overview of a term or subject matter. Opposing Viewpoints in Context can also help you find encyclopedic information on a variety of topics. 


To look for books in the Milne Library catalog, navigate to the library homepage and click on 'Advanced Search.' If you wish to only find online books, leave the search scope selected to 'Online Access' and change the 'Material Type' to 'Books'. Then enter your search terms. If you desire print volumes, change the search scope to 'Library Catalog', limit to 'Books', enter your search terms and click 'Search'. Once in the results list, click 'Held by Library' to limit to print volumes only.


Find scholarly articles by using a database that contains such materials (check 'peer-reviewed' in the search); you can find a tutorial for one of the databases students use the most, Academic Search Complete, below. Databases can also be found by title and subject from the 'Databases' link on the Library's homepage.


For best results, use a database's Advanced Search option.


You can find news sources by searching Nexis Uni and If you are looking for videos on a topic, try Films on Demand.